Li Jing solo show Maybe: his father is a painter:

2018-06-30 - 2018-07-27

Maybe 1 


"Maybe" is a possibility-as an conceptual painter, Li Jing excels at expressing his attitude to the real world in a variety of linguistic forms. The concrete concept forces the artist to choose the exact channel among the different possibilities of form, but the core of her works naturally focuses on the artist's intellectual field and emotional orientation. Li Jing's creation involves the discussion of issues such as mass aesthetics, cultural appreciation of classes, and art system. In addition, her childhood memory of her family is the motive force of his creation, and he claims that his father has a great and lasting influence on his artistic creation. This exhibition, Li Jing will present several series of creation from different angles, which are organically connected with special space design and planning methods. As one of the inherent threads of the exhibition, the word "father", is given abundant possibilities by its polysemy, leading the audience to discern and appreciate the practice of the artist in themes of ethics, class and belief.


Maybe 2 


"Maybe" is an another possibility--in the exhibition, the curator Wang Jiang breaks the stereotype of the gallery curator and discards the conventional strategy of art marketing, directly and anomalously presenting the exhibition and transforming the concept, from attitude to form, and double intervening in the presentation of the works of the artist with . He gives up the moral integrity as an "taste arbiter" and exposes his true personal preference. In each part of the plan, the curator plays the role by impromptu, deductive, intuitive, ambiguous, empty, exchangeable and counter-role ways.


About the artist:


Li Jing graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, who worked as a teacher in an art academy, hot and sour rice noodles peddler, and decoration worker.  As an Northeaster, his peculiar black humor extends from his social life to artistic creation. The form of his works shows the concern and misappropriation of popular images, which insinuates and ridicules the social reality with humorous themes, reflecting his awareness and standpoint of the social stratum, and the self-examination of professional identity and cultural background. His recent exhibitions include "collage" (C5 + 86), "good painting" (daylight pavilion project) and so on. The media of his works involves paintings, installations, images. He is now living and working in Beijing and Gotham.


About the curator:


Wang Jiang, Planner and creator of contemporary arts. He has been committed to the establishment and operation of independent art space since 2014. He has served as the planner of On Space (2014-2015) and the director of MoShang Experiment (2016-2017), engaged in the supervision, planning, host of museum and gallery, as well as the instant comment of exhibitions and the organization of art tribes. Wang Jiangs art concept is deeply influenced by Pierre Bourdieus art sociology, breaking the limitations of identity politics in creation and curation by activating the initiative and relativity of self-identity. He uses skepticism as dialectical tool, employing rich forms and media to pose questions to the status quo of the existing art system. Most of his actions start from the criticism of art system and cultural distinction, exploring the new distribution of conceptual art in Internet media, seeking for the creative practice that influences the existing art system.